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Barbell Logic

Oct 15, 2018

Matt and Scott have touched on advanced programming a few times during the show -- most notably with Andy Baker's approach to advanced programming in episode #104 -- and today they walk through their own philosophy. Advanced athletes, loosely defined, have progressed to the point where they can no longer make workout to workout, or week to week progress. Though the word "advanced" conjures an image of very strong, heavy lifters for many people, advanced trainees can vary drastically. Older women tend to become advanced trainees very quickly, especially on the upper body lifts. Likewise, Eddie Hall is an advanced athlete. Given the range of possibilities, programming for an advanced lifter is highly specific to the individual and his or her goals.


Nevertheless, we can outline a general path through the levels of training advancement and the programs -- or more accurately, models or templates -- we use at each level. A novice will obviously start with the novice linear progression, with few exceptions. From there, Matt and Scott typically take trainees through:

  • Texas Method and/or Heavy, Light, Medium (HLM)
  • 4-day Split
  • Block Training
  • Daily Undulating Periodization (DUP) that order. In the novice LP, we drive intensity; volume and frequency do not change. Starting with HLM, we begin to "wave" or cycle volume and intensity, also known as periodization.


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