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Barbell Logic

Dec 3, 2018

In Part 2, Matt and Scott outline the remaining 4 core values that drive SSOC, Barbell Logic, and their personal lives. As Scott remarks, the best businesses are outpourings of their owners, and the work the company performs is directly informed by the values the owner has.


 SSOC and Barbell Logic's Core Values (continued)

  1. We invest in bettering ourselves: seeking continuous improvement in all aspects of our life, and not settling or resting on our laurels.
  2. We take initiative: and are proactive about solving problems rather than waiting someone else to tell us to do things.
  3. We invest in the community: realizing that our core values are best fulfilled by working with the community of lifters and their collective knowledge and wisdom, rather than in isolation.
  4. We are professional: we work in a timely fashion, we are punctual, we treat each other with respect, we don't react emotionally but rather with rationality and wisdom.


Note that Matt originally referenced ten core values in the Part 1 of this podcast. One of the original ten values -- be selfless -- was struck from the list after some debate amongst the leadership staff. While the notion of selflessness is a noble one, the self is ultimately the grounding point for the company's ethics and morals. Without the self, one could argue, there are no ethics. So while SSOC and Barbell Logic do strive to put the company first in their business dealings, they do so out of a strong sense of self.


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