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Barbell Logic

Sep 26, 2017

Whiskey of the week

J Henry Whiskey 

Sweet whiskey made of red cord.   Hot and sweet!  Thanks to Joe.

You should buy the book, Starting Strength Basic Barbell Training, 3rd Ed. By Mark Rippetoe.

To train with Starting Strength you need:

Squat Rack  We love the Rogue R-3

45lb or 20kg Barbell  We prefer the B&R Bar from Rogue Fitness


Full sized standard plates.  Men start with 4 pairs of 45’s a pair each of 25’s, 5’s, 2.5’s and 2 pairs of 10’s.  Ladies start with 2 pairs of 45’s plus the smaller plates.

MicroPlates:  Dan Miller MicroPlates


How to Build a Weightlifting Platform By Brett McKay Art of Manliness

Horse stall matts


Here are our favorite pieces of equipment and supplements.


Shoes: Any shoe in this link EXCEPT the inov-8 and No-Bull lifter will do.

Belt:  4” , 10mm single prong belt from Pioneer Fitness/General Leathercraft 

Knee Sleeves: Rehband Blue 7mm neoprene knee sleeves

Wraps:  24” phantom wrist wraps from General Leathercraft

We love and use this stuff every day. 

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