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Barbell Logic

Dec 6, 2018

Starting Strength Coaches Matt and Scott are back with another round of Q&A, answering listener-submitted questions from Instagram, Facebook, and email.


In today's podcast they tackle:

  1. From Jeremy P. -- is a 3" belt or 4" belt a better fit? Is there a way to measure to determine which is the right choice?
  2. From Donald Kavanaugh -- do you recommend specific abdominal work?
  3. From Dustin B. -- at the end of LP, does the deadlift usually fail first because it's the last lift performed in the workout, and thus the lifter is fatigued?
  4. How do you train people that work night shifts?
  5. Harry asks, what sort of impact has counseling had on your life?


Also, Scott shares a story about his misadventures on a recent quest to de-stress.


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