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Barbell Logic

Feb 21, 2019

Starting Strength Coaches Matt and Scott are back with another round of Q&A, answering listener-submitted questions from Instagram, Facebook, and email.


In today's podcast they answer:

  1. Do you ever recommend single leg exercises? Like in the event of injury?
  2. What kind of accessory lifts would you program for a firefighter requiring a strong neck?
  3. What are some basic books one should read to learn about metabolism?
  4. What should I do if one lift stalls during LP but the others are still progressing?
  5. What's your favorite protein supplement?
  6. How do you program training after a catastrophic injury?
  7. For Scott: what are some of your favorite jazz songs?


And more! Also, Hambrick reads some fan mail from a listeners who has used barbell training to drastically improve back pain and quality of life.


Check out Scott's Spotify playlist, Barbell Logic Jazz Selections, for some great jazz tunes to keep you going until next Christmas!



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