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Barbell Logic

Mar 21, 2019

Matt and Scott talk to powerlifter, wrestling coach, and author Zach Even-Esh about his strength and coaching journey and how he has looked back to the lifters of yore for inspiration. Zach is the founder of The Underground Strength Gym and the author of The Encyclopedia of Underground Strength and Conditioning published by Dragon Door. He also hosts the STRONG Life Podcast.


Zach is interested in a wide variety of training modalities, but draws particular inspiration from old school lifters and coaches such as Bill Starr. He discusses the importance of cultivating a focused, no-nonsense attitude in the gym, which he feels we have lost in our modern age of distractions. Lifters like Starr and the York Barbell Crew achieved as much (and even more, in some instances) as modern lifters with relatively spartan equipment and training environments. What mattered was their iron will and attitude, their consistency in showing up day after day, and their absolute focus on their goals. Zach feels that we have a lot to learn from the lifters of yesteryear, and we agree!


You can find Zach Even-Esh, his podcast, and his many excellent writings at his website:


Be sure to check out his YouTube channel and Instagram @zevenesh as well to follow his lifting and coaching exploits!



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