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Barbell Logic

Sep 5, 2019

Today we revisit our roots with one of the Top 10 most downloaded shows at Barbell Logic. The TRUTH about linear progression is that it's a simple, hard, yet effective way to get anyone strong. While we like to nerd out about programming theory, it's important to remember that their are millions of untrained novices out in the world, whose lives could be significantly improved with this simple training paradigm.


As a reminder, the first certification weekends for the Professional Barbell Coach (PBC) certification will take place in November, and spots will go on sale on September 8th at There are a very limited number of slots for the first weekend, so be ready when the sale begins!


Have a question about the PBC certification? Email and include the word "cert" in the subject line, and Matt and Scott will answer your question on an upcoming Saturday Q&A!



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