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Barbell Logic

May 15, 2018

Matt and Scott spoke with Bill Hannon, engineer and SSC, about his new role in developing coaching standards at SSOC, his recently launched Barbell Coaching Academy, and his athletic background as a rower. Bill is one smart dude, having worked for a decade and a half as an aerospace engineer and now serving as Operations Manager for SSOC, serving as an SSOC Team Leader, and running the Barbell Coaching Academy for aspiring strength coaches.


Bill also has an interest in indoor rowing, and offers some insights on training to improve power on the rower. In his pursuit of faster times, Bill has discovered that a great rower must have a combination of incredible strength as well as power, lactate clearance, and ability to tolerate the lactate threshold. Training for these adaptations requires careful programming of strength training, HIIT, and learning how to handle the mental stress of the rowing events.


You can find Bill working with online clients at SSOC, training clients at his home gym (check it out on FB), and moderating the Barbell Coaching Academy on Facebook.


Also follow Bill on Instagram @engineered_strength!


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