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Barbell Logic

Jun 26, 2018

Coop from Garage Gym Reviews returns to the podcast to discuss the benefits of training in a home gym vs a public gym. While many think a home gym is out of reach, either financially or logistically, the essentials don't have to cost a lot, especially if you track down some used equipment on Craigslist. Home gyms also have a great ROI when compared to gym memberships, as monthly dues continue to add up while home gyms continue to be useful for years, long after the sting of the initial capital expenditure.


According to Coop's data, the average gym membership is $58/mo while a simple but well equipped home gym costs $1,330 (based on current prices for essential pieces of equipment that he has selected). In ten years, the gym membership will have cost $6,960 while the home gym cost... $1,330.


There are still those that complain about space restrictions in their living quarters. While that is a valid concern, Coop has shared the gyms of many members making it happen in compromised living quarters. For example, this pic of Jujimufu's "kitchen gym" (yes, the guy from YouTube) setup in an apartment. You really just need a space roughly 8' by 6' wide, and enough ceiling height to press.


Cooper has written some excellent guides to getting started with a home gym:

  • The Ultimate Home Gym Guide is an exhaustive resource for building your home gym. Everything from why you should build a gym, to bars, racks, plates, platforms, and more is in here.
  • If you're still on the fence due to the potential cost, the Ultimate $1,000 Budget Home Gym details how to - you guessed it - build a gym for a single G.


Check out Garage Gym Reviews for more inspiration, and get started building your own home gym! 


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