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Barbell Logic

Feb 3, 2021

What is depression?  How do we recognize depression in ourselves and others?  How can we help those with depression?  How do we identify and help those who may have depression as strength coaches?  Brooke Haubenstricker--BLOC Staff Coach & PBC--discuss this with Dr. David Puder.

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Everyone experiences grief and sadness, but for some at certain points in their life, they become depressed.  Though there are different causes of depression and different types, people will often display certain signs, such as increased or decreased appetite, suicidality, lethargy, trouble sleeping or increased sleep.  

A normal aspect of depression is a gap between reality and perception.  People will not take compliments but will linger on critical feedback.  

Although coaches can take certain actions to help those with depression, it is important to remember that we are not mental health professionals though we can help.  The importance of building good relationships and authentic connection is also revealed, as if we have built trust and an ability to communicate prior to depression, we are more likely to be able to not only identify the issue but also help.  

Dr. Puder and Brooke discuss practical ways to approach lifters, such as changing workouts to a total number of reps and ensuring communication is positive and encouraging.  

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