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Barbell Logic

Oct 19, 2020

Why study biomechanics?  Biomechanics allows us to understand what constrains our lifting (gravity, center of mass, center of balance, limb lengths) and helps offer solutions.  It explains why lifters with different anthropometries will have different back angles for the same lift and why a lifter might be better at the...

Oct 12, 2020

Times below are times FOLLOWING the pre-roll ad:  
  • 2:25:  Have you found it more effective to rotate the supplemental lifts in waves or run them out?
  • 4:40:  What do you mean when "the deadlift slows down" or "a lift slows down?"  Especially how do you do this without a coach?  
  • 6:45:  Any recommendations for buying a...

Oct 9, 2020

Matt and Dr. David Puder discuss how barbell training can improve mental health and assist those combating depression and other psychological struggles.

Rebroadcast from Dr. Puder's podcast Psychiatry and Psychotherapy.

Oct 9, 2020

Guest hosts:  Jonathan Sullivan and Noah Hayden with Jaime Collins

You’re an athlete.  You’re not a victim.  You’re not a patient.  You’re training.  You’re changing your habits, you’re owning your health and fitness, you’re putting in work and getting better.  You know why you’re training.  You’re...

Oct 9, 2020

Guest hosts:  Jonathan Sullivan and Noah Hayden with Ann Buszard

Dr. Sullivan, Noah, and Ann discuss the most-undervalued step of the stress-recovery-adapation process:  recovery.  The further examine sleep, the often underexamined contributor to recovery.  They discuss recommended sleep hygiene habits to get asleep...