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Barbell Logic

Aug 1, 2019

Matt and Scott discuss the thinking -- or lack thereof -- behind the many questions they receive each week asking them their opinion on someone else's line of thinking: "I've heard that..." or "So and so says..." While theses low-effort questions seem innocuous, they reveal a lack of critical thinking, which the Barbell Logic podcast has a mission to dispel. After all, "logic" is in the name, and the foundation of this show is a systematic analysis of strength training and life.


Scott references the Art of Manliness show #527: Father Wounds, Spirituality, and the Journey to the Second Half of Life, featuring Father Richard Rohr. Check it out!


Have a (thoughtful) question about training? Send a question to Matt and Scott! Email us at and we'll answer your question on an upcoming Saturday Q&A! 



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